Sookie Heard the River Call (The Holler Gods Book 1)

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A completely idiotic reading

I need YOUR new book about adopted dogs to give to my adopters! I believe with all my heart that the essence of what we and they are continues on after the body dies. As for books: for a light read I really liked the whodunnits by Hazel Holt. The detective is a middle aged widow, who has a dog and a cat, although these do not feature very prominently. I am reading an excellent book about debunking the training of dogs as if dogs wanted to take over you me and the world—premeditatedly! Talks a lot about what our canines retain from wolves and what they do not or maybe some traits are left over from even the pre-wolf era.

Dog Sense by Bradshaw. I do believe in heaven and eternal life. I do not claim to know what, exactly, that afterlife looks like since there is still much that remains about God that remains a mystery. However, as a Christian, I think God gives us both answers and promises. And I also believe that whatever heaven looks like, it will be a place of great joy, which for me, will include my dogs. Cats…not so much. I do believe animals go to heaven.

He looks at what various philosophers and Christian teacherss have written about animals and souls and muses about our definition of morals, free will and reason and can it — should it — apply to animals, especially the animals we love. I really enjoy the Chet and Bertie novels — Chet seems very much a real dog to me; more energetic than my own Pupper, but about the same attention span. It has one of the ugliest covers that I have seen, and the writing is hysterically funny, moving, and honest. I believe that every living thing has a soul. Or else no living thing does. That would indeed be heaven if I got to see all my animals again someday.

I picture them all waiting for me in a big grassy field at the edge of the woods, hanging out with tongues lolling, watching for me. Thoroughly enjoyable. I discovered the Chet and Bernie series while checking out mystery books on CD from the local library for my Dad, who has vision deficits and is in assisted care. Once an avid reader, he listens to about 5 mysteries a week. Murphy books. And the descriptions of how people smell to Chet are just wonderful, and seem to be based in the science of how dogs can identify individual scents within the myriad of stimuli that enters their noses constantly.

Good entertainment! This is just my opinion, but it seems to me that the domestic animals who interact with humans a lot throughout their lives are closer to being able to realize that. I experienced such a heartfelt resonance with that statement!

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I do feel in my heart and gut that they are moving along the path of eternity with us. There are three out in paper back, although only the third seems to be listed in a Kindle edition in the UK. Think Jane Austen crossed with Agatha Christie, but they are better than that sounds! Ever since Descartes spoiled things for animals we humans have lost our connection to our fellow creatures.

Substitute cat, or in my place, animals. Seems to me Enlightenment and Science have come between humans and their understanding of animals. Ditto the comment re Mrs. Also enjoyed the series written about a Carmel, CA cat—Joe? All enhanced by portrayal of animal behavior and a certain amount of sass. Currently working my way through Laurie R. I also got a kick out of the Chet and Bernie series.

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I also love the Andy Carpenter series written by David Rosenfelt. They are about a lawyer solving some mystery surrounding his client and always include his beloved golden retriever, Tara. These are also popcorn books but they are written with great humor, wonderful charecters and loveable dogs.

Do I really believe it? No, but it is a very comforting image to dwell on.

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They were both really good and relative to the topic of do animals have souls — both authors give their own examples. I will keep this book on my shelf.

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I tried the Chet books, but it never clicked. For Christian doctrine that says one must accept Christ as our Savior to be admitted to heaven, because animals are not guilty of original sin, they are exempt. Thank you so much for the new book recommendations Trish! Thank goodness I have a Kindle, so I can store all of my books until I find time to read them retirement, perhaps? I remember asking my father if my pets will go to heaven and will I see them again.

It did make me feel better. The cat and dog talk to each other in a way I imagine mine would.

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Basically the cat cursing the dog every now and then. On a dog behavior chat group a girl was asking about The Other End of the Leash. It was recommended by me and many others as a favorite, must read.


I said that in the bookstore I put it front and center, so as many people as possible will see it. The whole Rainbow Bridge concept sets my teeth on edge and for me almost trivialises grief. I do think there is some kind of life essence which all beings have and that probably persists throughout time, but not with any individual soul attached.

As if a life was like a stream going into a river. One of my favourite authors is the late, lamented Diana Wynne Jones, and she wrote a book about a dog, called Dogsbody. It has several laugh out loud moments you will need to explain to Jim why you are laughing. They are certainly spiritual beings. Thank you for the recommendations. I have downloaded samples already. I feel clutchy and grabby and panic stricken even thinking about a time without them!

I do not believe in a higher power in the heavens. Nor do I believe that my beloved dogs wait for me anywhere.

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I believe that we, like everything else—object and living being—are made of energy, and I think that energy mixes with others and….??? But most definitely not my loved one in their original shells waiting. I feel very connected to animals mine but also the ones who stay with me during a housesit. It is rare if you see me without at least one dog near me. I feel very lucky to have a strong four legged extended family. But I am also very willing to mourn their departure and go on—in the same way they would. She is a wonderful writer, but I especially loved this one.

The Chronology of Water, by Lidia Yuknawitch, a gritty, raw, the way it really is, memoir of her self-destructive years from Olympic hopeful to finding the love of her life. How to be a Productive Writer, by Sage Cohen an award winner writer who gives us all the strategies needed to stay on task for any writing project. It is an excellant first book and I can not wait until the author choses a new topic and writes her second. The thing about being a novelist is, it becomes harder and harder to appreciate a story for what it is, instead of analyzing it piece by piece for the quality and construction of its artifice.

Good popcorn, IMO. The book profiles conservation projects around the world that have made progress in saving pockets of wilderness and wild things. She retained the original chorus of John Brown's Body. The song was first published on the front page of The Atlantic Monthly in February , except for the sixth verse, which is often left out.

It was also published as a broadside in by the Supervisory Committee for Recruiting Colored Regiments in Philadelphia.

Sookie Heard the River Call (The Holler Gods Book 1) Sookie Heard the River Call (The Holler Gods Book 1)
Sookie Heard the River Call (The Holler Gods Book 1) Sookie Heard the River Call (The Holler Gods Book 1)
Sookie Heard the River Call (The Holler Gods Book 1) Sookie Heard the River Call (The Holler Gods Book 1)
Sookie Heard the River Call (The Holler Gods Book 1) Sookie Heard the River Call (The Holler Gods Book 1)
Sookie Heard the River Call (The Holler Gods Book 1) Sookie Heard the River Call (The Holler Gods Book 1)

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