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Items appraised include a s Wayne gas pump that needs to be restored; a s slot machine ; and a collection of three German World War II bayonets whose modifications cause concern for Rick. Items appraised include a framed invoice claimed to have been signed twice by John Hancock ; a bullwhip whose owner says was sold to him by a stuntman who used it in one of the Indiana Jones films; and a one-of-a-kind glass katana sword whose owner says he forged it to see if it could be done. The purchase of a stolen item by one of the staff results in a visit by the police and a test given to Corey and Chumlee by Rick.

Army Air Corps uniform; a s Barnett crossbow that hasn't been fired in almost 40 years; a Remington portable typewriter ; and a collection of Playboy magazines that belonged to the seller's husband. Another customer who collects cufflinks displays a surprising amount of knowledge of the Georg Jensen cufflinks Rick has in the store. Also, after Corey buys a Harley Davidson , Chumlee insists he wants to purchase it from the shop himself, though the Old Man is skeptical that he can raise the money.

Items appraised include a 17th-century musketoon and a wooden airplane propeller that may have been a gift from Charles Lindbergh. Also, Rick's doctor has informed him that he is suffering from too much stress. Items appraised include a rare Shelby Cobra racecar bodyframe that requires authentication; a World War II-era chronometer ; a collection of megalodon teeth; and a Cobra 1.

Items appraised include a set of World War I-era trench knives ; a locked treasure chest whose contents are unknown; and a police cap stolen from a Russian Militsiya. Rick and Corey secretly take the Old Man's prized Chrysler Imperial to have it restored as a 50th wedding anniversary gift, though they tell him that they sold it to a customer who wanted to convert it into a lowrider.

Items appraised include an Harpers Ferry musket ; a quilt covered with hundreds of celebrity signatures; an ice marker and ATM receipt from McMurdo Station in Antarctica ; and a s barber's chair that causes Rick to reminisce of days gone by.

Items appraised include a pair of rare McKenzie Mitts handcuffs , a bottle of Prohibition-era whisky ; and a Gibson Les Paul guitar whose seller claims is from but whose true date Rick feels is uncertain. Items appraised include some Colonial era coat buttons ; a collection of Montie Montana memorabilia; an antique comptometer ; and a Suzuki GSXR Hayabusa motorcycle. In this clip episode , as Rick, Corey, and Chumlee prepare to be taken out by a grumpy Richard to a surprise location to celebrate Christmas, they reminisce about the purchases they've made over the course of the past year.

The staff engages in a Secret Santa gift exchange. Items appraised include a 16th-century replica signal cannon that makes Rick question if it is truly a replica; a Volvo semi truck used as collateral for a loan; an antique 19th-century demijohn that Chumlee promptly uses to make his own foot-crushed wine; and a Louis Vuitton trunk. Items appraised include a 19th-century miniature reproduction of a 16th-century suit of armor ; a quartermaster 's spyglass ; a set of V and Mark 1 military knives whose seller says his grandfather smuggled back from World War II; and a customized Harley Road King motorcycle whose paint job may limit its range of potential customers.

Items appraised include a Le Coultre " perpetual motion " Atmos clock ; a pair of halberd axes; a prisoner's ball and chain ; a fake Ford's Theatre playbill for the night of Abraham Lincoln 's assassination ; and an antique potty chair. A number of unfortunate events, from bad purchases to multiple mishaps involving destroyed or broken merchandise, make it a bad day for Rick and the others. Items appraised include a Dutch East India ship's bell supposedly from a shipwreck ; an earlyth-century roulette wheel; a s Indian racing mini motorcycle ; and a pair of Scottish daggers whose owner claims are years old.

Items appraised include a Edison phonograph ; an AYT XP speedboat in need of restoration ; a collection of gold demonic figurines painted black; a antique savings book, and a Binion's playing card vending machine.

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Chumlee gets sent to the Old Man's house for a simple errand, but takes his time doing it. Items appraised include a portable electric shock therapy machine; a bag filled with antique stamps ; a Yamaha Rhino ; and a clump of silver rupees discovered as a part of sunken treasure in by Arthur C. Clarke 's team, from the Great Basses wreck.

Items appraised include an 18th-century French double-barrel musket coach gun ; a collection of Pez dispensers from the s and s; a S Washington Quarter ; and a U. Navy uniform whose time period of origin becomes the point of a bet between Rick and the Old Man. Items appraised include an McClellan saddle purported to have been used by Kevin Costner in the film Dances with Wolves ; an Winchester rifle ; and a large, earlyth-century cast-iron sheet metal shear.

Corey buys a tattoo kit that he then takes to a tattoo shop to trade for a tattoo , much to the irritation of his father and grandfather. Items appraised include a colonial lottery ticket signed by George Washington ; a set of five Pete Rose baseball cards; a crashed Schweizer C helicopter in need of restoration, whose space needs are a concern for the Old Man; and a pair of antique Plug 8 handcuffs. Items appraised include a World War I U. Corey and Chumlee also investigate a gypsy fortune teller machine whose owner is auctioning it off, and refuses to sell it prior to auction.

Items appraised include a pocket-sized, antique ivory sundial believed to be from the 17th century; an album of original Jimmy Hoffa photographs; and a Midway "Rifle Champ" sharpshooting arcade game. Items appraised include a pair of scaled up, World War II model training rifles; a Gilbert Erector Set ; two Soviet launch keys whose owner claims were used to launch ICBMs ; a rare, s Gibson banjo ukulele ; and a steel Supermen of America membership ring. Items appraised include a Austin-Healey Sprite ; an antique diving helmet authenticated to date from —; a collection of fractional currency notes; a Miami Heat NBA Championship ring; and an antique wooden chest that was purchased at a Miami pirate store, which appears to the Old Man to be rather modern.

Items appraised include an 18th-century pegleg ; an all-wooden motorcycle; a flintlock pistol and kindjal dagger from the Ottoman Empire ; a Hoyt carbon matrix compound bow , which is said to be the best, strongest, and most expensive bow ever made; and an antique Kalliope Musikwerke music box that Rick estimates to be about years old. Roosevelt , dated between and When the subject of Corey and Chumlee's weight comes up, Rick challenges them to an obstacle course , with the loser required to buy lunch for a week.

Items appraised include an , single-action Colt revolver whose nickel plating concerns Rick; a collection of 26 U. Presidential campaign buttons from between the s and the s; a Country Craftsman reproduction of an antique spinning wheel ; and a commercial grade, Astra Mega I espresso machine and coffee grinder , which Chumlee wishes to use to address the Old Man's more frequently napping of late. Items appraised include a rare, war bond engraved by Paul Revere right after the American Revolutionary War began; a pneumatic -powered, music-playing, replica of a fire engine ; a Chevrolet Impala station wagon whose engine swap and other modifications dissatisfy Rick and the Old Man; and a Seeburg jukebox that needs extensive restoration.

Items appraised include an antique 19th-century Ives toy train set that was found in a year-old house; an three-cent, George Washington postage stamp encased in a token; a 10th anniversary edition Datsun ZX ; a copy of the final draft script to the James Bond movie Goldfinger ; which the seller says was given to him by his friend, actor Harold Sakata , who played Oddjob in the film; and a 19th-century antique tricycle that Rick thinks is a reproduction.

Items appraised include a Rokon Trail-Breaker 2-wheel drive offroad motorcycle ; a Lima escudo Spanish fleet gold coin; an antique Woody Woodpecker toy; a collection of Muhammad Ali and Layla Ali memorabilia; and a Zenith Trans-Oceanic Model shortwave radio.

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Items appraised include a set of maps and battle plans for the Battle of Iwo Jima , whose seller says were taken into that battle by his father, a landing craft operator; a script for the 18th episode of In the Heat of the Night autographed by nine of that series' stars, including Carroll O'Connor ; a Ford F truck that needs work; and a collection of s miner's equipment found in Goldfield, Nevada , the centerpiece of which is a miner's ore cart.

A customer also brings in the pipe used by Chris Fowler to break Homer Bush's leg in But Chumlee doesn't want any part of the item for obvious reasons.

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Items appraised include the first issue of Playboy magazine, featuring Marilyn Monroe 's nude pictorial; an whale tooth scrimshaw with a logbook stamp on its bottom; a collection of two antique rifles, one of which is a. Items appraised include a solar therapy device; a Stinson Reliant airplane; two Western Novelty dummies whose purchase by the Old Man surprises Rick; a receipt of Andrew Jackson 's for eight muskets from the War of , and a signed and numbered print of Peter Lik 's photo "Beyond Paradise". Items appraised include a bowling ball mortar built by the seller; a British World War II baby gas mask ; an intact ticket for the Muhammad Ali versus Floyd Patterson fight; an antique spotlight estimated to be from the s; and a collection of 70 antique railroad bonds , estimated by the seller to date from the s.

Items appraised include a broken Remington six-shot revolver that is fourth in a series of four, of which Teddy Roosevelt owned two, whose seller claims belonged to an ancestor general in the Honduran Army that rode with Roosevelt; a s John Deere Model A tractor ; a set of 12 frosted glass Disney figurines said to be from an aborted European Disney park; a Romstar "Jump Shot" basketball arcade game; an s British-style bugle bought at an estate sale that appears to have belonged to the 7th Cavalry , Company A; and a Bulova Accutron Spaceview Movement gift clock, given to Israel Foreign Minister Yigal Allon by Richard Nixon , whose seller is Allon's grandson.

Items appraised include an Apollo 16 mission flag autographed by all three mission astronauts; an American Civil War. Kennedy memorabilia whose pieces are in varied condition. Lee 's nephew, Major General Fitzhugh Lee , Commander of the 7th Army Corps , purchased 20 years previously by the seller at an estate sale; a lateth-century professional gambler's toolkit, also purchased 20 years previously, which belonged to gambler J.

Monthly Archive for July, 2011

Items appraised include an s—s. Civil War field desk filled with period documents, whose seller claims to be the great, great grandson of its original owner, the captain of the 10th Indiana Volunteers , Company C; and a Queen Paula Sears pump organ. This episode was dedicated to the memory of Leonard Shafer, who appeared in one episode.

Items appraised include a copy of the Beatles album Yesterday and Today with the infamous "Butcher Cover"; a large, World War II American Garrison Flag displaying 48 stars; a pre, German-made, watchmaker's screw refinishing tool that belonged to the seller's watchmaker father; the last suit given to Colonel Harlan Sanders under his contract with KFC , which was found by the seller in a house that belonged to Sanders; the commission document, signed by United States President Grover Cleveland , with which he appointed William Lochren Commissioner of Pensions; and a Zamperla "K.

PunchBall" arcade punching bag game. Items appraised include a s custom-made, Super Comp drag racing car , with trailer , that needs restoration to be recertified; a Japanese Set 2 land mine training kit that belonged to the seller's veteran father; an high-wheel bicycle , whose parts the Old Man feels are far more modern than the 19th century; and a Howdy Doody paper doll Wonder Bread advertisement estimated by the Old Man to be from the s. Chumlee pesters Rick to have the shop print business cards for him, though he is forced to adapt when he sees how Corey wrote his name on them.

Items appraised include a hockey stick signed by members of the "Miracle on Ice" United States Olympic men's hockey team ; an original s vinyl LP of Bob Dylan 's album, Self Portrait , which Chumlee is tasked to get autographed by Dylan, who is performing in town; a Fleetwood Discovery motorhome ; and a huge collection of s cowboy toys that includes various memorabilia of The Lone Ranger and Bat Masterson. Bob Dylan has a cameo appearance. Items appraised include a Civil War-era Kentucky long rifle ; a silver plate and bowl whose seller says was stolen from Adolf Hitler 's summer home by his great uncle during World War II; an Irish blackthorne walking stick; a rare, G.

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Joe nurse action doll; and a s-era Marketeer golf cart in poor condition. Irritated over the poor performance of the night shift, Rick assigns Corey to temporarily work the night shift to retrain the employees, much to Corey's displeasure. Roosevelt , sent to the seller's grandfather. Meredith Vieira makes a cameo appearance in a dream sequence experienced by Chumlee. Items appraised include a pair of ornate, hand-etched parade saddles; a year-old Steiff teddy bear ; an 18th-century bronze miniature cannon, purchased at a garage sale, that was used for instruction in the use of its larger counterparts; a pair of Schwinn Phantom bicycles from the s; and a collection of 58 boxes, each containing about 60 video tapes of various TV shows and movies plus audio cassettes, that belonged to Sammy Davis, Jr.

Utter Entropy

Items appraised include a collection of million-year-old Mazon Creek fossils of spiders and ferns; a blackjack table from the Stardust Casino ; a pair of metal Coca-Cola signs from the s; and a custom Down and Dirty motorcycle frame. Items appraised include a letter by Winston Churchill to U. Major General Mark Clark; a radio controlled , gas-powered toy Hummer that Chumlee wants to repair; an antique barber pole made between the late 19th century and the early 20th century made of cast iron and blown stained glass; a Frigidaire refrigerator; and a Catholic relic from Saint Elizabeth Seton with documentation in Latin.

Items appraised include a silk Abraham Lincoln campaign ribbon from the U.

Inception and Development

Items appraised include a s, battery-operated bacon-cooking pig chef toy made by Yonezawa; a collection of s Atlanta Braves championship and World Series rings ; a Cadillac Fleetwood limousine; a pair of antique pistol lighters; and a pair of hand-stitched political dolls depicting Abraham Lincoln and a slave, which were made to be burned in effigy by pre- Civil War , pro-slavery advocates. Items appraised include a pair of 19th-century pistols; a collection of items that belonged to Wyatt Earp , as well as some photos of Earp and Bat Masterson ; a collection of fishing lures; an antique television; a Schlitz beer lamp; and a gold medal from the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.

Items appraised include handcuffs and leg shackles that belonged to Harry Houdini ; a St.

Something Wicked #11 (July 2011) (Something Wicked SF & Horror Magazine) Something Wicked #11 (July 2011) (Something Wicked SF & Horror Magazine)
Something Wicked #11 (July 2011) (Something Wicked SF & Horror Magazine) Something Wicked #11 (July 2011) (Something Wicked SF & Horror Magazine)
Something Wicked #11 (July 2011) (Something Wicked SF & Horror Magazine) Something Wicked #11 (July 2011) (Something Wicked SF & Horror Magazine)
Something Wicked #11 (July 2011) (Something Wicked SF & Horror Magazine) Something Wicked #11 (July 2011) (Something Wicked SF & Horror Magazine)
Something Wicked #11 (July 2011) (Something Wicked SF & Horror Magazine) Something Wicked #11 (July 2011) (Something Wicked SF & Horror Magazine)
Something Wicked #11 (July 2011) (Something Wicked SF & Horror Magazine) Something Wicked #11 (July 2011) (Something Wicked SF & Horror Magazine)
Something Wicked #11 (July 2011) (Something Wicked SF & Horror Magazine) Something Wicked #11 (July 2011) (Something Wicked SF & Horror Magazine)
Something Wicked #11 (July 2011) (Something Wicked SF & Horror Magazine) Something Wicked #11 (July 2011) (Something Wicked SF & Horror Magazine)

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