Rosie Blacks Adventures (A New Home)

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On top of that I found she made some decisions that I felt went against the character I had come to think she was. It's so hard to write this and I don't know why. Pip was the same. I'm sorry but he just wasn't up there with the other male heroes I've come to adore in my YA fiction. Spoiler and all the twist and turns to do with his character didn't shock me in the slightest.

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I liked him, but that was it. Again, it was like I was reading this book but just not taking everything in. Maybe this was because I read this in a period where I hadn't read many books in a while. I remember being bookless for quite some time and then finding this book. I will be reading the sequel Equinox when it comes out, but I wouldn't be surprised if I have to re-read Genesis beforehand because I've forgotten everything.

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I hope Equinox delivers; I really want to love this series. Your average adventure novel. That is now the only way I can think to describe this book. I liked it. I really did. I liked it, but that seems to be it.

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Happy reading! Sep 20, Kimberley rated it it was ok. Admittedly, I'm a little bit of a masochist.

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Genesis is, I believe, a science-fiction novel. And although I am the fussiest science-fiction audience on the planet, after having this book recommended to me by a friend, I decided to read it. In hindsight, that was probably a mistake. It's set five hundred years in the future and from what I understand, the world has fallen back into a class society.

You have in 'value' order the Centrals, the Bankers, and the Ferals. Rosie, the main character, i Admittedly, I'm a little bit of a masochist. Rosie, the main character, is a Banker. The world itself was built nicely. While there wasn't a hell of a lot of description to go on, you did really get a sense of the location as you read through the book.

The characters are, in short, okay. Rosie isn't the strongest or most developed main character I've ever read, but her intentions are clear and she's not a complete idiot. Her loyalty to her family is admirable and when it comes to romance, she's typically teenager in a way that's completely endearing. Pip is He spends the majority of the book not knowing what the hell is going on.

I was never really sure what his angle was.

Unlikely friendship

I didn't hate him as a character, but I wasn't sold by him either. I felt like Morgan was going for the cocky and hilarious , but actually very deep character when it came to him, and I didn't feel like she hit the nail on the head. Their relationship, however, was odd. Their attraction sort of just popped out of thin air. Rosie, for one, spends a large majority of the book infuriated with him and when together, they seem to spend most of their time annoying and insulting each other.

Until everything wraps together near the end, there really isn't any reason to think they would get together in a romantic or, honestly, even friendly sense. The one character I really did like was Rosie's aunt, Essie. She's a wonderful, understanding, and very funny adult character. Anyway, the main problem I have with this book doesn't have anything to do with the fact that it's science-fiction. My main problem with this book is how Rosie, who has even flown before, is suddenly this amazing pilot.

Yes, she has been taught the theory of flying and she's been told the general what-to-do. But, I repeat, she has never flown before. Everyone, I'm sure, is well-aware that learning the theory of something is completely different to actually doing it. But did Rosie have problems? She was fine. She just flew that ship like a pro. Later on in the book, she's even complimented by a professional pilot.

Now, I would've been fine if said professional had said that she good, considering her complete lack of experience. But no. This professional has no idea that the flying she witnessed was Rosie's only experience, and she compliments Rosie and even goes on to ask for her assistance! How someone who has never flown before can be so mind-blowingly amazing at flying in extreme conditions completely and utterly blows my mind. I'm sorry, but it's simply not realistic.

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Not in the slightest. It's not even as if the conditions were perfect. They were, actually, quite the opposite. It should have been very, very difficult. And while this wasn't a main part of the book, it's one of those issues that really stuck with me throughout it. Anyway, that being said, I could've enjoyed this book a lot more.

It just didn't sit right with me. I didn't understand most of the character's reasons for doing whatever they were doing. I wasn't entertained. And yes, it was science-fiction, which I always struggle to enjoy. Despite this, I didn't hate it. There wasn't a lot that made me want to throw the book at the wall and it's plot wasn't completely ridiculous.

It just so happened that there were a lot of things that irked me and those, all together, ruined the book for me. Dec 27, Roisin rated it it was ok Shelves: read Actual rating: 2. I know this is awful but I have an automatic repulsion whenever it comes to dreadlocks. The look of them, the smell of them, the way they feel.

Pair that with a dude with dreadlocks down to his waist which is how I imagined Pip, I'm not percent if that's accurate or not and I just felt disgusted. Brookline Labrador Retriever Rescue is a c 3 non-profit volunteer organization funded entirely by donations. Donations are always needed to help with veterinary costs, transportation, and supplies for our dogs.

For information on donating to BLRR please click here. Box , Warrington, PA Go to smile. When it comes up, choose it as your charity. When you shop, sign into smile. How easy is that? Rosie — 5 year old Female Black Lab. What can I say… the past couple of weeks have been lot of fun for me. This is me and my foster-brother. But he really likes me and I love him. I am really enjoying being part of a friendly loving pack. Sometimes I hear FM saying she would love to keep me. Anyway, I got to meet some really nice people who said they have been following my progress here. Thanks for reading, and … HI!

They said they might even consider letting me live with them!

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It will be hard to move away from my pack, for sure, but my foster family said they want to be able to help other dogs like me. I would miss my new brother and sister, but I also love being around humans. So much has changed and so much has happened — is it any wonder that sometimes it winds me up a bit too much?

Then again, here I am already thinking about what sort of family I will fit in with. A real dog! Look at me play with a ball and fetch! A couple of years ago, Rosie credited her diet to naturopath-to-the-stars Dr. I can feel it in my skin, I can feel it in my body, I feel lean right now, and I feel strong and I feel energized.

She told W last year: 'I make a smoothie pretty much every morning at home, it's often my breakfast if I'm on the go.

Rosie Blacks Adventures (A New Home) Rosie Blacks Adventures (A New Home)
Rosie Blacks Adventures (A New Home) Rosie Blacks Adventures (A New Home)
Rosie Blacks Adventures (A New Home) Rosie Blacks Adventures (A New Home)
Rosie Blacks Adventures (A New Home) Rosie Blacks Adventures (A New Home)
Rosie Blacks Adventures (A New Home) Rosie Blacks Adventures (A New Home)

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