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Red Dead Redemption 2

Comment by Thottbot Awesome pre-benediction staff. I've done Cannonmaster prolly 5 times now and doesn't drop. Is the drop rate really as low as 0. In that case i cant be bothered. Comment by Thottbot This item was implemented in a recent patch, long after players started dropping Willey, thus the apparently painfully low drop rate. I would not expect the rate to be high per se, but certainly better than it appears on Thott.


My personal choice would be spirit but I'm a regen ho Comment by Thottbot Yes I dropped the staff on the 5th attempt. Obviously the drop rate is much higher than listed. Probably as you say, due to the fact that its a recent addition.

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Looked it up on Allakhazam. Argent cruisader and dancing silver, or metanoia are a lot better. BUT maybe for an alt healer like druid shaman or healadin this could be good. Comment by Thottbot Did my first Strat run two nights ago on my fifty-four Priest and it dropped! I hadn't even seen the item before and this staff is great for me since I'll be using it until I find better in TBC instances. Comment by Thottbot In short, this staff isn't the best around in lower-end dungeons, but it beats the Illusionary Rod most priests will be using up till then, and it's good enough for pre-raiding gear.

Comment by Thottbot It was my second strat run, and this dropped, i was so happy, and then a warlock needed it from me because he said that he needed it for healing his pets. I was pissed so bad. Comment by Allakhazam The fact that it has no Intellect should not matter, given that this staff is most useful as a "mid-battle" staff, not a "fight-starting" staff. You should be starting fights with a different staff anyway one with more Intellect. Remember that you can switch weapons while in combat. Now that Stratholme is always a 5-man instance, everyone should make sure that they get the Argent Crusader from killing first the Live Strat boss, then the Undead Strat boss.

Why is the Argent Crusader relevant to this discussion? Because you want to get both. Then drag them both onto buttons.

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  8. Then, as soon as you have cast a few spells enough to use up the extra INT that it gives you , press the button for Redemption to switch to it. To polish this off, you may want to get the Dancing Sliver from the end of the egg freezing questline, so that you have a third staff to switch to once you are out of mana and waiting for it to regenerate. Comment by Allakhazam that's a pic of my little priest on thrall, a german server :P isn't she a beautiful healbot?

    Comment by Allakhazam Just got this today on what was like my 8th Live Scarlet run that didn't just go straight for Balnazzarl but listened to my cries of "Hey, guys, this guy down here drops a hawt healing staff! But with 22int, this thing wtfpwns for PvE healing, which is what my drood normally does. Until I get the Will of Arlokk razzafrazzin sonofa Hands down. Edited, Tue May 23 Comment by Allakhazam Dropped for someone in my pug today, not sure if its new or not Comment by Allakhazam Just dropped for a 59 priest that's in my guild..

    Comment by Allakhazam Got this the day after the patch! Awesome staff. View in 3D Find upgrades Quick Facts. Sell Price: 6 22 Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment: Your comment must be in English or it will be removed. Unsure how to post? Check out our handy guide! Simply browse for your screenshot using the form below.

    Screenshots containing UI elements are generally declined on sight, the same goes for screenshots from the modelviewer or character selection screen.

    Redemption Redemption
    Redemption Redemption
    Redemption Redemption
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