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We have ideas, each with its own selling points and shortcomings. But for my money, the most exciting one is the most surprising. It is the idea that space-time emerges from a weird property of the quantum world that means particles and fields, those fundamental constituents of nature, can be connected even if they are at opposite ends of the universe.

If that is correct, we might finally have found a bridge between the two irreconcilable totems of physics, placing us on the threshold of a theory of quantum gravity. Existing subscribers, please log in with your email address to link your account access. Paid annually by Credit Card. Inclusive of applicable taxes VAT. By Sean Carroll Brett Ryder. The chamber of the Holy of Holies measured twenty cubits by twenty cubits.

The ark was placed in the center, measuring two and a half by one and a half cubits. From the southern wall of the chamber to the adjacent side of the ark measured ten cubits. The same measurement was taken on the north side of the chamber.

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Or, to be more precise, from the frame of reference of the dimensions of the chamber, the ark occupied no space. The ark itself had to take up two and a half by one and a half cubits, because those are the dimensions specified for it by the Torah in order to be an ark that can go in this chamber and not take up space.

To get to the point: Space and non-space met, but neither canceled out the other. Jacob found himself in a place that expresses the essence of Torah. All people recognize that there are forces of nature. Some are smart enough to realize the unity of all these forces from observing how they harmonize together and are expressed in similar patterns. The ancients created from this understanding a sophisticated pantheon of divine beings. The more enlightened amongst them thought of these idols as mere reflections of the forces of nature. Yet, to this day, most people still accept these forces as being absolute and necessary.

A world without gravity or electromagnetic waves is almost as unthinkable as a world without TV. Never mind the absence of time, space and logic themselves. But at the essence of everything is something that is beyond all of them. Something that cannot be defined as the perfection of them, nor as the absence of them. Something that cannot be defined at all. The very source of all being. But if He is not, then nothing else can be. Interestingly, the ancient pantheons, from Egypt to Norway, generally included an original god from whom all things began.

But that godhead remained entirely aloof from the whole hierarchy. After all, getting involved in the petty world that arose from his essential being would contaminate his perfect oneness. Abraham was the first to smash this dichotomy. All your gods of wind and fire and love and war and fertility and playfulness? They are no more than manifestations of a single, transcendent being who does not change and from whom all things come. As He can be found infinite and unchanging at the essence that precedes all things, so He can be found in the ephemeral, temporal world in which we live.

Havayeh is Elokim. In truth, there is nothing else but Him. He envisioned a time when his own descendants would build a house there, a means by which such a revelation could be captured and projected out into the entire world.

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Returning to the space of the ark that took up no space, you may ask: How could space remain in the midst of a revelation of non-space? Space is a limitation. When all limitations are blasted away by a revelation of Havayeh, space should altogether disappear. Expecting otherwise is like expecting the shadows to remain when all the lights are turned on.

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But we could go even further: Is space a static thing? Or is it an event which is continually being renewed out of the void? If we choose the second option, we can then see space itself as just another expression of that which is beyond space. And the very fact that the two can coexist is a demonstration of this idea: that He is neither of them, but rather that which is beyond both. This is the connection between this space and the third of the forefathers: Although the world is generally a binary place, there is a third factor, that which binds and unites all opposites together—even space and non-space.

And that, too, is the revelation exemplified by the Third Temple, may it be built very soon, sooner than we can imagine. There is a field of physics that recognizes the essential existence of counter-space anti-space in the article. It is the domain of inertia, timelessness, and all its properties are incommensurate with the observable universe that we experience. It is likely the domain of G-d and the pre-creation universe.

The Ark takes up no space because the realm of G-d is present there and therefore takes up no space. The threshold as you call it between the 2 realms was there in the days of the ark's presence.

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It is fascinating subject matter, and deserves more attention. Picture a bubble of time, space and substance floating in an ocean of eternity. I have contemplated this over the years and find it amazing. Can someone paste the exact verses in Torah that make it clear how far the ark was to be positioned from the sides of the tabernacle? Response to TZ Freeman One wouldn't think so but they're certainly making up for it now. And if you've ever read Diplomatic Relations between the Holy See and the State of Israel: Policy Basis in the Pontifical Documments [], the second page is pretty clear on their aspirations and with all the Papal Knighthoods handed out to various prominant members of the Jewish community just to sweeten them up If I forget you Jerusalem, may my right hand wither; may my tongue remain stuck to my palateif I do not keep you in my mind, if I do not count Jerusalem the greatest of my joys.

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At the threshold of reality. I intend to read the book. We are aware that scientists often discount the Divine in their understanding of the universe and of human existence. It is helpful to know that the Rebbe, of blessed memorial, was conscious of that discipline and able to set it within the context of the boundless realms revealed by accepting the Divine aspect as essential to our understanding and use of existence in this life.

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Without this wise acceptance of both, science becomes 'soul-less', and religion impracticable. We need science to be guided by awareness of what is right and beneficial, and we need practical knowledge of how to put to effective use the available material in order to perfect our world, not according to human aims but according to the nature of the Divine creative power that initiates and sustains existence as we know it. I hope to find, in Ravello, evidence of this in mind.

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Tzv Freeman respnse. I have a great library and try to keep up with Jewish current affairs, agendas of others and their powers of persuasion. Investigative journalist Joel Bainerman in particular, [R. Not being Jewish it's a little difficult and as an "outsider", I do support your Prime Minister absolutely, even that, I'm not sure if this site does. For Lynne You will be hard put to find a claim to the Temple Mount in the holy books of any other religion.

The Temple Mount a Sacred Place From my understanding [and stand to be corrected] there are two other monolithic religions laying claim to the Temple Mount It is much like going to the Other Side, where the space found within, is so much larger than the apparent space, as seen from without.

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This is as it should be. I did have a problem with the idea that G-d Had to make space for the world to be created. Now you Rabbi Freeman have defined or brought to light my sense of All ability of my supreme creator.

Reality Threshold Reality Threshold
Reality Threshold Reality Threshold
Reality Threshold Reality Threshold
Reality Threshold Reality Threshold
Reality Threshold Reality Threshold
Reality Threshold Reality Threshold
Reality Threshold Reality Threshold
Reality Threshold Reality Threshold
Reality Threshold

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