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E-mail: horst. Andreas Engert, LL. University of Chicago is a Lecturer at the University of Munich. In this paper, the in vitro yeast estrogen screen YES and yeast androgen screen YAS were used to assess the multiple hormonal activities in surface waters and sediment from the Egyptian river Nile for the first time.

This study sought to determine if river Nile water caused changes in gonadal histology of Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus niloticus. All water samples exhibited extremely low levels of estrogenicity. Estrogenicity was not detected nearly in any of the sediment samples. Unlike the estrogenicity, significant androgenic activities were recorded in the water and sediment samples along the Nile course. The present study reports for the first time quantified anti-estrogenic and anti-androgenic activities with high levels in both water and sediment of the river Nile. The greatest anti-estrogenic and anti-androgenic activities were observed in sample from downstream river Nile.

These results indicated that the anti-estrogenic and anti-androgenic activities along the Nile course were great and the pollution of the sites at the downstream was more serious than the upstream sites due to industrial activities at theses sites. Good correlations were observed among some hormonal activities, suggesting coexistence of these contaminants in the environmental matrices. There were no signs of sexual disruption in any of the gonads analysed from either male or female Nile tilapia, demonstrating that any hormonal activity present along the Nile course was not sufficient to induce adverse effects on reproductive development.

The study explores structural vulnerabilities at the country level, but also look at bilateral exposures within a network context. The study contributes in analysing of the European banking systemic risk at aggregated level, which integrates the characteristics of bank size, and interconnectedness relative to the size of the economy which ultimate risk belong to, taking to account the concentration ratio of the banking industry within the whole economy.

The nature of the systemic risk depends on the interplay of the network topology with the nature of financial transactions over the network, assets and buffer stemming from bank size, correlations, and the nature of the shocks to the financial system. The role of few of traditional hubs such as Swiss banks and British Banks and also Irish banks- where the financial sector is fairly new and grew strongly between s till take the fourth position on reducing the relative size since where they had the first position.

In-degree concentration index analysis in the study shows concentration index of banking network was not changed since financial crisis Keywords: systemic risk , counterparty risk , financial stability , interconnectedness , banking concentration , european banks risk , network effect on systemic risk , concentration risk Procedia PDF Downloads Intelligent car headlamps are able to suppress conventional warning vests with retro-reflective stripes as a disturbing light.

Illuminated warning vests are therefore required for occupational safety. However, they must not pose any danger to the wearer or other persons. Here, the risks of the batteries lithium types , the maximum brightness glare and possible interference radiation from the electronics on the implant carrier must be taken into account. The all-around visibility, as well as the required range, play an important role here.

For the study, many luminance measurements of already commercially available LEDs and electroluminescent warning vests, as well as their electromagnetic interference fields and aspects of electrical safety, were measured. The results of this study showed that LED lighting is all far too bright and causes strong glare.

The integrated controls with pulse modulation and switching regulators cause electromagnetic interference fields. Rechargeable lithium batteries can explode depending on the temperature range. Electroluminescence brings even more hazards.

Employee Participation under Proposed Societas Europaea

A test method was developed for the evaluation of visibility at distances of 50, , and m, including the interview of test persons. A measuring method was developed for the detection of glare effects at close range with the assignment of the maximum permissible luminance. The electromagnetic interference fields were tested in the time and frequency ranges. A risk and hazard analysis were prepared for the use of lithium batteries. The range of values for luminance and risk analysis for lithium batteries were discussed in the standards working group.

These will be integrated into the standard. This paper gives a brief overview of the topics of illuminated warning vests, which takes into account the risks and hazards for the vest wearer or others Keywords: illuminated warning vest , optical tests and measurements , risks , hazards , optical glare effects , LED , E-light , electric luminescent Procedia PDF Downloads 9. They are integrated with complex electronics and are worn very close to the body. Optical measurements and limitation of the maximum light density are needed. Smart watches are equipped with a laser diode or control different body currents.

Special glasses generate readable text information that is received via radio transmission. All these products have been tested and evaluated for risk. These products must, for example, meet the requirements for electromagnetic compatibility as well as the requirements for electromagnetic fields affecting humans or implant wearers.

Rotting Christ-The Sons Of Hell-(Bonus song from the album "The Heretics")

Extensive analyses and measurements were carried out for this purpose. Many users are not aware of these risks. The result of this study should serve as a suggestion to do it better in the future or simply to point out these risks. Commercial LED warning vests, LED hand and foot-bands, illuminated surfaces with inverter high voltage , flashlights, smart watches, and Bluetooth smart glasses were checked for risks. The luminance, the electromagnetic emissions in the low-frequency as well as in the high-frequency range, audible noises, and nervous flashing frequencies were checked by measurements and analyzed.

Rechargeable lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries can burn or explode under special conditions like overheating, overcharging, deep discharge or using out of the temperature specification. Some risk analysis becomes necessary.

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The Relevance of Jesus Research for. Redaction Contextualization and the Sayings. Narrative Material. The New Testament and Narratology. The Function of the Use of the Old Testament. The Growth and Making of John The Annunciation of the Birth of Jesus in. A Study in Text Types.

Jesus the Galilean. The Protevangelium of James and Intertextuality.

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Intertextuality and Redaktionsgeschichte. Index of Modern Authors. Hak Cipta.

Reaction (Societas) Reaction (Societas)
Reaction (Societas) Reaction (Societas)
Reaction (Societas) Reaction (Societas)
Reaction (Societas) Reaction (Societas)
Reaction (Societas) Reaction (Societas)
Reaction (Societas) Reaction (Societas)
Reaction (Societas) Reaction (Societas)
Reaction (Societas) Reaction (Societas)
Reaction (Societas) Reaction (Societas)

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