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Our community garden is blooming!

A systems approach helps us understand the complexity of the world around us and encourages us to think in terms of relationships, connectedness, and context. Western science has often focused on things that can be measured and quantified. Some aspects of systems, however, like the relationships in a food web, cannot be measured.

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Rather, they must be mapped. Source: The Center for Ecoliteracy. The Center for Ecoliteracy informs us that a systems approach requires shifts in perception—from parts to whole, from objects to relationships, from objective knowledge to contextual knowledge, from quantity to quality, from structure to process, from contents to patterns.

Within systems—including, historically, entire civilizations—certain configurations of relationship appear again and again in patterns such as cycles and feedback loops. For example, the rise and fall of civilizations that over exploit and decimate their environment, is a pattern that has been repeated throughout the history of mankind.

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However, with the warming of our planet, along with the growing population and lifestyle pressures, resulting in rapidly escalating resource depletion and pollution, never before have the stakes been higher and on a global scale. Saving water is an important first step in conservation, but we can go further. We consider it our right to buy things, regardless of whether or not we need them, and as a result our country consumes more every year.

Many of the products that Americans buy are produced in factories that can be harmful to the environment and to human health. Many of these products are made to be thrown away, so they pile up in landfills, wash into the ocean, or litter the landscape.

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In order to live more sustainably, we must reconsider our purchases and the use of disposable, low-quality goods that are made to go in the trash. The average single-family house built in was less than half the size of a house built today. Similarly, our electricity use has grown.

This is of particular interest for those wanting to explore integrative care.

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I heard Dr. Guarnari speak at a Medical Conference and found much of what she had to say interesting and helpful. She is a Cardiologist dedicated to the well being of her patients.

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This wonderful little book is a favourite. Each exquisite verse and original woodcut expresses a thought— based on elements of the garden—for making life more beautiful. What I love best is the idea that we can create beauty and joy at anytime deep within ourselves. A wonderful book that reminds us of our joyful duty to promote and cultivate a sense of wonder.

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It is my pick for anyone but especially for all new parents and anyone working with children. I think this book is a treasure for anyone facing a difficult illness. An excellent writer, a father of young children and a terminal diagnosis of ALS. His resilience, humanity and love of life inspire many in the ordinary moments of living fully with his illness.

I love this little gem of a book.

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We often talk about the need to improvise and certainly we are called to do so when our lives are thrown into disarray by a serious illness. Patricia invites you into the hospitable world of improv where you will find practical and surprising wisdom for everyday life. How can we live our lives when everything seems to fall apart—when we are continually overcome by fear, anxiety, and pain? The truth is, I recommend everything by Pema Chodron.

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She has consistently offered practical and wise advice on living well and most importantly she is kind, funny and humble. There is so much to love about life. Give yourself the gift of this precious book, given to me from my friend Anna. I read it aloud to the participants in a recent workshop. It is a book I love to pass on. I recommend this small green book. It can have a powerful impact on how we deal with unexpected challenges including health. Adapted primarily from Morita Therapy, and Eastern Psychology, it is action oriented, thoughtful, educational and challenges many western mental health conventions.

Living well from our garden Living well from our garden
Living well from our garden Living well from our garden
Living well from our garden Living well from our garden
Living well from our garden Living well from our garden
Living well from our garden Living well from our garden
Living well from our garden Living well from our garden
Living well from our garden Living well from our garden

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