Living a Balanced Life: Body, Mind and Spirit

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What are the key factors for a balanced life?

This approach eliminates only the external signs of the disease, which recur after some time and the patients keep coming back. Gradually I understood that it is not enough to take care only of the physical component. What is needed, is to discover deeper causes of the disease, to look for its hidden meaning. In conversations with my patients I started addressing their emotional lives, their mental conditions.

Together we searched for solutions on other levels. The treatment then had a different course and a more satisfactory outcome. After some time I realised that I worked in the way that doctors used to work many centuries ago. In Ayurveda — the medical wisdom of India, the Chinese medicine, and in the foundations of the Western medicine, i. To start with, let me make a comment: firstly, the holistic medicine does not mean — as some people might think — exclusively natural therapeutic methods.

He or she should then be proficient in both of the domains: on one hand — follow the current research and on the other — expand the skills of natural healing methods. Secondly, the holistic medicine assumes that the health of a person is based on the balance which we achieve on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. Thirdly, here the patients are not cases, that are considered in complete isolation, separately from the surrounding life. They are not treated as examples of a particular disease, but as individuals, as unique human beings. Fourthly, the patients are treated by the doctor who is like a teacher — he or she gives guidance, advice and instructions.

The patients themselves after having learned how to recover from the disease become independent in order to avoid recurrence of the disease. They learn the healthy lifestyle, they apply the rules and — as a consequence — they no longer need a doctor in reality. After having developed some awareness they become their own doctor and are able to use the self-regulation and self-healing abilities given to them by nature. It is the greatest satisfaction and an award for the therapist when the patients no longer need to come to visits because they are able to take care of themselves — are autonomous.

And finally, fifthly, the patients who is treated according to the principles of the holistic medicine become a role model for others after some time. When they say that smoking or excess of sugar is bad, then in fact they neither smoke nor overeat sweets. In a therapy that is carried out according to the holistic medicine the patients are not necessarily separated from their current environments, however an in depth analysis of the conditions in which they live is certainly recommended.

The patients reflect on their personal and professional lives. Answers to these questions are essential.

Then, the patients try to analyse their internal world, the state of their emotions, desires, dreams. At the beginning not everything they discover is understandable. But when they manage to identify some states of their psyche, they can start to work on themselves in a constructive way. The psyche and the personality are key in achieving the balance of the whole body.

What is a balanced life? | Wellness - Sharecare

If we have problems, we experience internal pressures, we are tired from unfulfilment, regret and longing; we are dissatisfied and frustrated or feel guilty, then our body starts to react to this difficult situation too. Its balance becomes increasingly distorted until finally the immunological system is so weak that a disease starts. Negative sensations, unhealthy emotions are a source of disharmony and the disease is its natural consequence. Usually patients come to the doctor when they are in a state of a disease, they have some ailments. The medicines will work but they will do the job temporarily.

The patient will feel some relief but the core cause of the disease will remain intact. Unless we eliminate the cause, the disease will come back. Therefore the conversations with the patients who undergo treatment are so essential. It is vital as well to make them realise how important the emotional and spiritual spheres are.

Mutual trust between the patient and the doctor is necessary, creation of a certain bond based on openness and acceptance. The next principle, which is compulsory for the doctor, is to abstain from doing any harm. We know that chemical medicines may have various side effects. Therefore if pharmacotherapy is not necessary it is worth trying the natural treatment using an adequate diet, herbal therapies, homeopathy.


There is also one rule of an extraordinary importance: according to the principles of the holistic medicine, the purpose of the doctor is not only to treat but also to prevent diseases. In Ancient China emperors paid doctors to watch over their health. Hence, the doctor was always present and was always busy although nobody was sick at the court.

But when someone got sick the doctors remuneration was lowered. His main task was health protection and maintenance, not fighting diseases. Disease is not our enemy.

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It is a critical moment in fact, a result of a disturbance, a disharmony that lasted long enough. But on the other hand — as I said earlier — it is a much needed signal for us, sent by our body to our consciousness. It is communicated through the ailments. So the disease is not something that comes to us from the outside. It originates from within, its aim is to initiate something good. It is not hostile. I realise that it is difficult to accept this notion because a disease can be cruel, it causes so much pain and suffering. However there is a deep meaning to the suffering. Disease is an echo of what is happening with us and what we are going through.

Thanks to it we ask ourselves again about who we are and whether we are heading in the right direction. And often when we change the direction, we change ourselves, for the better.

How can we align our mind, body, and spirit to live and age well? To get started, take a step back and honestly assess the essence of you. To thrive in life, start with these essential strategies. Focus on finding your balance. While it may sound selfish, it is critical that you make yourself a priority. It simply means that you structure your life in a way to make your own health and well-being your top priority. Ultimately, if something happens to you, it will directly impact you first and foremost.

Be Responsive to Change Life is consistently changing, and so are you. Especially with aging, your body and mind will experience inevitable changes — good or bad. In addition, the habits from your past may no longer work for you now. For example, you may find that you can no longer eat or go without sleep like you did when you were younger without paying a high price on your health. What steps should you take? Be vigilant.

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Evaluate your health and well-being as you go through your daily activities. Understand that your mental and physical abilities will change and adjust your approach as needed.

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For example, if you have problems with your hearing, get tested and be willing to wear a hearing aid to stay connected to the world around you. Keep Current and Informed on Healthy Living and Aging To make the best of living and aging well, learn as much as you can about the latest trends and scientific research specific to your lifestyle.

New discoveries are being made every day. Explore the many resources available to you via the internet, books and magazines, consult with your health care providers, and attend health-related classes or presentations. Embrace new strategies that directly pertain to your current health and well-being and be willing to incorporate them into your everyday life. With anything, have an open mind but also be critical of what you read.

Holistic Living will Improve Your Healthy and Peaceful Life

Always consult with your primary healthcare provider before you embark on a new diet, exercise program, or major change in your health regiment. Take Control of your Health Care You are your greatest advocate for your health and well-being.

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Keep up with your health care visits. Use health care providers who are willing to spend time with you and to truly listen to your concerns. Be proactive with your dental, hearing, skin, and eye care needs. If you feel uncomfortable with the outcome of any diagnosis or prescribed treatment, be willing to get a second or third opinion.

And, in all, prevention is your best approach to healthy living. Find the Joy in Living Your attitude will drive your priorities, your actions, your values and your outlook on life.

Living a Balanced Life: Body, Mind and Spirit Living a Balanced Life: Body, Mind and Spirit
Living a Balanced Life: Body, Mind and Spirit Living a Balanced Life: Body, Mind and Spirit
Living a Balanced Life: Body, Mind and Spirit Living a Balanced Life: Body, Mind and Spirit
Living a Balanced Life: Body, Mind and Spirit Living a Balanced Life: Body, Mind and Spirit
Living a Balanced Life: Body, Mind and Spirit Living a Balanced Life: Body, Mind and Spirit
Living a Balanced Life: Body, Mind and Spirit Living a Balanced Life: Body, Mind and Spirit

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