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Your feedback will be reviewed. Let's leave it at that for today and meet again tomorrow. Causing something to end. He just said "I'm not going," and left it at that. Translations of leave it at that in Chinese Traditional.

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Take it or Leave it Season 3 is brought to you by Grove Collaborative. Celebrate 1 Million downloads with us as we chat with Melissa Melnychuk and her Single Motherhood project. Listen through to This week we talk The Birds and The Bees prep for parents, celebrate the mom that overdosed in a viral photo going viral Listen to this reporters miracle mammogram that may have saved Today, the proud husband and grandfather resides in the Santa Monica Mountains of Southern California where he continues to create sculptures. Fox News: How were you discovered at age 11?

Tony Dow: I was a swimmer back then and a pretty good one. I was a junior diving champion and held a national record at nine. I was working out at the Hollywood athletic club and there was a lifeguard there who was an actor. I put on my blue suit and went in. But everything was new and interesting.

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And I was with him so I felt at ease. It was way ahead of its time. Fox News: What was it like working on television at such a young age? Dow: I don't have any other recollections of doing anything else.

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It was my life, you know? My mom would drive me to work.

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I would study my lines while on the way and I had three hours of a school a day. The rest of the time we were shooting or rehearsing. Back then, it took two days of rehearsal and then three actual shooting days. Fox News: What was your relationship like with the cast?

Leave It! Leave It!
Leave It! Leave It!
Leave It! Leave It!
Leave It! Leave It!
Leave It! Leave It!

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