La edad del espíritu (Spanish Edition)

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Pero igual es producto de un viejo senil. La edad senil le afecto y dijo la verdad. El deterioro cerebral no comienza con la edad senil. Sin embargo, pocas veces alcanzan a llegar a la edad senil. Viudo, vive con sus dos hijas y con una madre ya senil.

Yrigoyen, paralizado y casi senil, no atinaba con las soluciones. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Gymnastic Spirit: corporal practices, masculinities and religiosity in the Browsers of Don Bosco in the Argentina of principles of XX century.

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Pablo Scharagrodsky. Para construir cuerpos masculinos y viriles se "inventaron", en , los Exploradores de Don Bosco. Dicha experiencia gimnasia, marchas, paseos, excursiones, etc. Las fuentes a analizar son los documentos, circulares, textos y libros utilizados para formar a los Exploradores de Don Bosco en la Argentina.

The salesians schools settled in Argentina in the end of the XIX century and they have been growing until the present time. Among their educational proposals the corporal question was constituted in a central problem. The government of the body and, especially, the construction of certain type of masculinity was one of the central axes of its proposal. To build masculine and virile bodies, the Explorers of Don Bosco were "invented" in This experience gymnastics, marches, walks, trips, etc.

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned, the following article investigates the ways and the reasons why the Explorers of Don Bosco movement gendered the children bodies converting them in "true" men and against who fight in its "masculine crusade". The sources to analyze are the documents, circular, texts and books used to form the Explorers of Don Bosco in Argentina. Keywords: school; physical education; gymnastics; body; masculinities. Sin embargo, las tensiones y disputas por imponer una determinada forma de regular y administrar los cuerpos en las escuelas fue una constante.

Las fuentes analizadas para dar cuenta de estos interrogantes han sido los documentos, circulares, textos y libros utilizados para formar a los Exploradores de Don Bosco en la Argentina. Creo que nosotros [ En primer lugar "honrar, amar y servir a Dios" y, en segundo y tercer lugar, a la Patria y al Hogar. El objetivo era:. El "sano" contacto con la naturaleza, creada por gracia divina, era una actividad habitualmente muy estimulada y fuertemente redentora. Ley del Honor, Reglamento y Programa de los Exploradores.

Por ejemplo, el subteniente llevaba la bandera. After the completion of the survey, subjects were invited to attend clinical evaluation. This was performed in an outpatient clinic by two specialized physicians a neurologist and a vascular surgeon with wide experience in these procedures. Data were recorded using a screening tool developed by Frykberg et al, 12 and written informed consent was obtained prior to the clinical evaluation. The evaluation included assessment of DN using the pinprick test and determination of the Achilles reflex; assessment of PVD with manual palpation of pedal pulses and determination of Ankle Brachial Index with an 8 mHz hand-held Doppler, sphygmomanometer, and standard blood pressure cuff ; and determination of foot deformity, foot ulcers, amputation, and ulceration.

Sample B was recruited from attendees of an outpatient department at the Hospital Teodoro Maldonado Carbo located in Guayaquil. Members of the research staff assisted during consultation hours and invited patients who met inclusion criteria to participate in the study. For further analysis, sample B B1 was divided into two groups: sample B2 patients with known foot complications and sample B3 patients without known foot complications.

After obtaining written informed consent, the presence of foot complications was determined by reviewing medical records looking for DN, PVD, amputation, and ulceration. Participants were asked to provide contact details to complete the Q-DFD over the telephone in the next few weeks.

I Can Only Imagine (Spanish version) Si solo pudiera imaginar

Verbal consent was confirmed prior to the survey being conducted. Sample C was used to evaluate the intra- and inter-rater reliability.

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The recruitment process in sample C was similar to that for sample B. Individuals who agreed to participate in the study completed the Q-DFD on three different occasions. Inter-rater reliability was obtained by comparing the first two interviews, which were conducted on the same day by two different interviewers. Intra-rater reliability was determined with the third interview, which was conducted by one of the first two interviewers 7 days later. Verbal consent was obtained prior to the survey being conducted. To guarantee that survey results were reliable, interviewers were asked to complete a training course.

It was taught by the investigators and consisted of 10 hours regarding knowledge and familiarity with the survey, diction, interview conduction skills, and ability to interpret answers. Patient characteristics and descriptive data were calculated using means, frequencies, and standard deviations.


Prevalence rates for individual components of DRFD are reported as percentages. To interpret the kappa coefficient, the following definitions were used: 0, poor agreement; 0. During the translation and back translation process, minimal discrepancies were encountered. Table 1 shows the items that needed a formal review of the translation after failing to obtain a mean score of at least three in relation to comparability of language or similarity of interpretability from the 30 raters.

Only four items were considered problematic and needed a new translation. In terms of comparability of language, items 1, 5c, 8a, and 12d obtained a mean score of 3. After retranslating all the four problematic items, they were re-evaluated by 30 different raters, and each item obtained mean scores of three or less, allowing their use in the Spanish version of the questionnaire.

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After testing the Q-DFD on 16 subjects, minimal adjustments were made, and the final Spanish version was created. In addition, sample B patients B1 were divided into samples B2 and B3. Ten patients from sample A were excluded; five who could not be contacted after five repeated phone calls, two who refused to participate, two who did not attend the clinical assessment, and one who was critically ill at the time of the telephone call.

Participant characteristics are shown in Table 2. When we combined both, we obtained a kappa score of 0. This analysis was made without using deformity because it was not commonly recorded in medical records. A more detailed explanation of prevalence rates for sample B can be found in Table 4.

Translation of "librarle de" in English

Prevalence of individual components of diabetes-related foot disease according to the Q-DFD. A total of 41 patients completed the questionnaire on three different occasions. The first two interviews were made on the same day, and the third was completed 7 days later. Patient characteristics are shown in Table 2.

For an overall diagnosis of DRFD, intra-rater and interrater reliability obtained a substantial agreement, with a kappa score of 0. No analysis was made for amputation, as no individual reported this component. As hypothesized, the Spanish version of the Q-DFD showed good criterion and construct validity, and moderate to high intra- and inter-rater reliability.

With English being the lingua franca of science, 14 the need to adapt instruments for their use in other languages is of primary importance. However, it is not enough to just translate them; a cross-cultural adaptation of the instrument should also be performed. We also addressed criterion, construct validity, and survey reliability, which allowed us to obtain a successful cross-cultural adaptation, making the Q-DFD suitable for use in Spanish-speaking populations. The first aim of the present study was to translate the Q-DFD from English into Spanish by following the international guidelines criteria proposed by Sperber.

However, as can be seen in Table 1 , we found that even after doing this, items 8a and 12d of the first and final Spanish versions were identical. This could be related to the use of synonyms in the first and second English versions. The second aim of the present study was to validate the Q-DFD in a diabetic population from Guayaquil.

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Regarding validation, we used the same methodology employed by Bergin et al. Demographic characteristics were similar in terms of age distribution, with most of our patients in their 60s; but gender distribution differed and mean diabetes duration was shorter. In order to determine validity of the questionnaire, we tested the Q-DFD against the gold standard. In most of the components evaluated our results were consistent with the findings from Bergin et al, 10 which suggests the reproducibility of the original research and the validity of the Q-DFD to determine DRFD.

This might be explained by the self-report of symptoms.

La edad del espíritu (Spanish Edition) La edad del espíritu (Spanish Edition)
La edad del espíritu (Spanish Edition) La edad del espíritu (Spanish Edition)
La edad del espíritu (Spanish Edition) La edad del espíritu (Spanish Edition)
La edad del espíritu (Spanish Edition) La edad del espíritu (Spanish Edition)
La edad del espíritu (Spanish Edition) La edad del espíritu (Spanish Edition)
La edad del espíritu (Spanish Edition) La edad del espíritu (Spanish Edition)
La edad del espíritu (Spanish Edition) La edad del espíritu (Spanish Edition)

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