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What does ‘On Earth As It Is In Heaven’ mean? | Classical Catholic Education

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On Earth as It Is in Heaven: A Biblical Theology of Worship

V1 Verse 1. V2 Verse 2. C1 Chorus 1. C2 Chorus 2. V3 Verse 3. V4 Verse 4. Holy is who He is. God is all holiness. He is only good, true, loving and Holy. He has no evil in Him.

What Does the Phrase ‘on Earth as it is in Heaven’ Really Mean?

He is only Good and Holy. What exactly is it that we have been praying for over all of these years? What was Jesus teaching us? It seems in our Western Christian culture, we have made it about getting to heaven as if it is our destiny to endure the sufferings of the earth until we can one day crawl into this place called heaven.

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It was in Him, before the foundation of the world, that the Father chose us and predestined us to become adopted sons, for in Him it pleased the Father to re-establish all things. From this source, the Church, equipped with the gifts of its Founder and faithfully guarding His precepts of charity, humility, and self-sacrifice, receives the mission to proclaim and to spread among all peoples the Kingdom of Christ and God and to be, on earth, the initial budding forth of that kingdom….

Christ introduced the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and revealed to us the mystery of that Kingdom… As Christ declared, the Kingdom of God is at hand. If the only goal was to get to heaven, a friend once humorously shared with me, then we should have been kept under water during our baptism. The goal and desires of the Father are much greater than just enduring the sufferings on the earth to one day get to heaven. Hey, I really enjoyed the article, Bart. Sometimes we make things so complicated that we forget that Jesus has broken it all down for us and we just need to look at it like children.

Your article was a good reminder of that. Great job!

Thank you Mark. Well said. I agree that we tend to make things more complicated than Jesus intended. I often need to remind myself to enter in like a child. It is easier that way. Thank you for your affirmation. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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Bart Schuchts "Bart is one of the most passionate men for God that I know His heart is for the Church to live into the fullness of who She's called to be. His passion has remained the same since — to love and please God in all that he does. He is a regular speaker at conferences and retreats, and has a deep passion to see people encounter the Father's love.

In Earth As In Heaven In Earth As In Heaven
In Earth As In Heaven In Earth As In Heaven
In Earth As In Heaven In Earth As In Heaven
In Earth As In Heaven In Earth As In Heaven
In Earth As In Heaven In Earth As In Heaven

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