2009: A Year of Hope and Change Aquarius

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Capricorn Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility – Aquarian Astrology

I do not intend to but sometimes I take things too far. He will usually just become very irritated and want to be left alone. But we always do come back together and love even harder. Do everything together. I want him by side always. We are so comfortable with each other.

I will take number 2s on FaceTime and he will too lol. He has seen so many sides of me as I have seen of him. He is all I think about. He is what I crave constantly. Every moment I spend with him is a moment that is cherished no matter what it is we are doing. We always have a blast with each other. I truly consider him my all in one. My lover, my best friend, my counselor, my rock, my air, my breath. We have already picked out the names of our future children, already plan to get married after I graduate college.

Because what we have is so worth it. Our love and connection can not be matched. He cannot be replaced. His calm, collected, laid back, and chill personality meshes beautifully with my bubbly, vivacious, crazy, hyper personality. I would do anything for this man. He has my heart and soul. We connect in all aspects; spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and sexually. I personally always thought that Aquarius was my perfect match and it is true! Nothing but pure love in this pairing.

I absolutely loved reading this, Des. I have met a Gemini woman on Facebook and we are very deeply in love.

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It started with her post,in which I liked very much. Then she sent me a friend request. I answered it 2 days later and we started texting each other the whole day. What turned me on about her was, when I was thinking about something, she came out and said what I was thinking, major shock. Then, the next day, she called me and we stayed on the phone for hours. We live miles away from each other. Then, everytime we talked, I felt more and more in love with her. So I told her about a week ago, and she said that she does love me and she has never told any man that, but me.

It made me feel like I am on top of the world. She sends me love emojis and gifs everyday and tells me that she is deeply in love with me and I send her back the love emojis and gifs and I tell her that I feel the same about her. I have been married twice and had a few girlfriends and I have never felt like this for any of them, except her. She is coming to see me next month and I am really excited to see her. I hope and pray that we will be together forever, because I feel that she is a part of me, and she knows how to get to me.

She works, and I am retired and I am willing to relocate for us to be together.

We finally met each other in person, and it was magic. We fell in love all over again when we saw each other. We were the perfect couple, and enjoyed each others company.

What Does The Leo/Aquarius Eclipse Mean For You?

It was the best week that we both ever had. We did a lot of things together, ie: long walks in the park, she helped me cooking, we fed each other, we cuddled a lot and the sex was mind blowing for the both of us.

Aquarius 💞 Try Not To Doubt This 💞 September 8-15, 2009

We were both very satisfied, and still talk about it a lot. I want her to stay, and she does also, and I hope and pray that she does. I am working on her to stay with me because I had never been with a woman like her. She is one of a kind, and we deeply love each other. This gives me hope that my current situation will form into a long lasting relationship.

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We connect on a mentally and the physical attraction is beyond words. Good luck to all the ladies in the same situation. There is not enough space to type all this out. I am a gemini woman and I am so interested in a Aquarius man. A few years ago I met a Aquarius Man very sweet very humble just great to be around. We both had some challenges and we never pursue a relationship. We lost contact for many years, and then I just happened to walk into a store he was in.

We hugged for about 5 minutes, we exchanged numbers. He was involved, we never lost contact. The chemistry is so strong the best male friend I ever had, deep connection. So excited i never trusted any man the way I trust him.

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I pray this love endures this lifetime. Awh Wow! That Is Beautiful! Go For It!

We were best friends for about 6 months. Then we started really getting close, she got me a cell phone, and I started sneaking out 4 nights a week to meet her. I never in my whole life marriage for 7 years felt this way about another female in my life. Well our sex was so incredible.

So passionate. And I was terminated from the program. I spend 4 days at her house having more sex and passion than a normal couple would have in months of being together… Then I got arrested for getting terminated. So I wrote her a letter and broke up with her to save her from all this pain and heart ache… Well she got the letter and blocked my jail phone number and never once wrote me a letter or visited me. I spent 86 days in jail completly alone and heart broke … The most lonely pain period of my life… Thin I got out of jail and contacted her because she had all my stuff at her house.

She cried every night for 3 days about everything… Then I found out she was dating another guy… I relapsed and went back into a rehab… So heart broken and hurt..

2009: A Year of Hope and Change Aquarius 2009: A Year of Hope and Change Aquarius
2009: A Year of Hope and Change Aquarius 2009: A Year of Hope and Change Aquarius
2009: A Year of Hope and Change Aquarius 2009: A Year of Hope and Change Aquarius
2009: A Year of Hope and Change Aquarius 2009: A Year of Hope and Change Aquarius
2009: A Year of Hope and Change Aquarius 2009: A Year of Hope and Change Aquarius

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